Fashion is not about what we wear its about who we are and we aspire to be.The one thing in this contemporary world which comes to every ones mind is fashion with having current trends. Moving to this track people today are  engaging more to have different varieties of clothes in their wardrobe.


What's shaping your outlook?


Neon colour clothes look vibrant and sophisticated,Which gains attention in this society.Welcoming neon colour clothes add an elegant look.So don’t be a afraid to adopt neon trends and let your fashion shine bright.

Colour and Patterns

Colour and Patterns

Colour and patterns are the fantabulous duo of fashion.Colour inspires emotions and set the tone of our outfit.Colour and patterns together creates endless possibilities and creativity allowing us to accurate our looks.It adds vibrancy to our clothes which one has worn.

Textures and Fabrics

Textures and Fabrics

Touch the fabric feel the texture.They are the corner stone of clothing.From the luxurious softness of silk to the rugged durability of denim.Each fabric tells a unique story.Texture and fabric are like friends which believes in quality not in quantity.


Fashion and Trends in Film Industry

Fashion and Trends in Film Industry

Film industry has always been a momentous influence.Movies serve in particular time period has been the windows into fashion of that era allowing audience to experience the clothing and styles of the past in different and captivating way.

Celebs Trends on Red carpet

Celebs on Red carpet​ pepandpanache

Fashion and trends on the red carpet are a spectacular glamour of style.Where celebs show their elegant choices of clothes to the world.The red carpet has become a platform for promoting diversity in fashion with celebs using their visibility.

Trends on Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence pep&panache

Celebrities encourage social media challenges and trends related fashion style.Celebs influence fashion and trends via platforms like instagram,facebook,twitter. Celebs partner with brands for sponsored posts and collaborations websites.


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