Wedding outfit for men

The wedding season has started. In such a situation, those who are going to get married must be doing a lot of shopping for themselves these days. To look like a perfect bride and groom on the wedding day, the bride and groom leave no stone unturned in their preparations.

The bride should look the most beautiful in a wedding, but people often forget the groom. It is not that the groom should not look special, different, stylish, dashing and smart on his wedding day.

1. Tuxedo

Wedding Outfit-Tuxedo
  • This suit which comes in green color is very classy and elegant. This Tuxedo Suit has three pieces i.e. blazer, waist coat and pants, which is the best choice for any function or look.
  • The pattern of this black colored men’s suit is open front, which you can style in many ways and carry it well. This suit is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. The blazer of this Tuxedo Suit comes in single breasted style, which will give you a very beautiful look.

2. Three-Piece Suit

  • This Men Suit For Wedding is slim cut with full shoulder design and 3D draping. Slim fit is a slightly tighter suit than regular fit suits. Apart from brown color, this men’s suit is available in many colors.
  •  High quality and soft material has been used in making this designer men’s suit. This Three Piece Suit For Men comes with Bottom Flat Front Free Length Pants Extended Waist Strap, Slanted Side Pockets.
Wedding Outfit-Three-Piece Suite

3. Indian Sherwani

  • Red is one color that never goes out of wedding season. Every time some new texture is added to it and we make it our favorite color. Even celebrities are not untouched by the magic of this color.
  • This color is such that it gives a very royal look. This time, red color in different tones is prevalent in the market. If you also want a royal and traditional look, then choose this color. Just keep in mind that if your sherwani is printed or worked in red, then keep the churidar plain.
  • If you want to add a little color, then colorful dupatta or turban can be mixed and matched with white sherwani.
Wedding Outfit-Indian Sherwani

4. Casual suit

  • This suit available in blazer design is of excellent quality. It uses 6.9% polyester, 33.3% viscose and 2.5% spandex fabric. Its material is quite heavy and durable, which will not get damaged for years. You can walk easily wearing this
  • This blue colored suit on Amazon has a very attractive look. Solid pattern is given in it. There are a total of 6 size options in this suit, which you can choose as per your fitting. Its fabric is made from premium quality material.
Wedding Outfit-Casual Suit

5. Derby Shoes:

    • These Men Wedding Shoes are available in very attractive multi color options. By wearing these you get the best wedding outfit. Apart from wedding functions, it is also suitable for evening wear. You are getting many size options in this. These can be paired with western and traditional Indian dresses.
    • By wearing these, you will get a unit and much more attractive look than normal shoes. It is also quite light and is a great option for gifting to someone. Let us tell you in detail about these Shoes For Men.
    • The quality of these Black Formal Shoes is very good, which give a very nice look when worn. These durable marriage shoes last long. Their design is excellent.
    Wedding Outfit-Derby Shoes


    • These loafer shoes are very attractive to look at and are a great option to wear in any wedding function. In this you are probably getting many options, which can be taken as per your choice and need.
    • In this you are getting pull on closure. This medium width shoe can also be worn with jeans and other casual pants.
    Wedding Outfit-Loafers

    6. Rajasthani safa

    It is known by different names in different districts of Rajasthan. Some call it pag, some turban, some saaf, some cap. All styles are different from each other. In Marwar, people are very curious about Safa, there is a custom of wearing Safa in marriages and big functions (Safa Tying In Rajasthan). The trend has not diminished even in the modern world. The youth want to decorate it on their heads with great enthusiasm.

    Wedding Outfit-Rajasthani Safa

    People also call turban as turban. But there is a very subtle difference between the two. In other areas including Mewar, the turban that is tied is not untied again and again whereas the safa can be untied and tied. Turban is available in the market as per convenience. So the crown of the head, the turban is always tied on the head of the person who is to wear it. However, during business times, people tie up sarees and put plastic balls in them. So that it does not open. Such clean weddings are ordered for large number of guests attending the wedding


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